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Apple Journal is the effective way for growers and others in the fruit industry to advertise on the internet and reach a targeted audience.

Advertising on and supporting Apple Journal provides a number of unique benefits:

  • Targeted audience
    We are building a comprehensive and definitive source for consumer education and awareness about the fruit industry. This means that your ads reach a select audience of potential customers.

  • Customized ad placement
    We will work with you to place your ads in the most effective locations

  • Customized ad design
    Rather than the usual gaudy flashing ads now seen on the internet, we can custom design attractive and effective ads that are specific to your customers and products. Studies show that gimmicky and misleading ads are increasingly being tuned out by viewers, who see them as an annoyance. We are committed to tasteful and appropriate advertising.

  • Fruit Journal - Your Partner on the Internet
    Our mission is to promote the fruit industry on the internet. Our site will succeed only to the extent that it is effective for our sponsors. We can help you through the jungle of this new technology, and put it to work for you.

  • Cost Effective Web Services
    The Journal allows us to spread the costs of everything - web page design, web hosting, e-commerce, site promotion, graphic design and content creation - over a broader base of support. Prices through the Journal for web services typically cost one half or less than the same services would cost if you were to contract them on your own.

  • Free Services
    We are working on a number of free services to provide for growers. Your input on this is welcome. Being considered are: free e-mail, search engine, weather service, free classified ads, free desktop images and screen savers to offer your customers, bulletin boards and equipment reviews.

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