Meet Ricky Red, Daisy Delicious, Gidget Golden, Romeo Rome, Megan McIntosh,
and their wooly worm friends, Wanda, Wooly, Woopaw, and Woose.

Have fun with Red Delicious as he takes you through the apple grading process.

Will Red Delicious take a bath?

Will he be turned into cider?

Will he go to the market?

Will he be a snack or a pie?

Educational and fun.

Great for the classroom, orchard tours, and festivals.

Suitable for ages 3-8

$5.95 a copy. $1.00 sh/hd
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 meet the authors align= THE APPLE ORCHARD GANG featuring "Red Delicious"; the first of a series about orchard events using apple and wooly worm characterizations. It is colorfully illustrated.

Psalms 17:8 "Keep me as the apple of the eye..."

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