About the Authors

DremaDrema Hazelwood, author of "The Apple Orchard Gang", was inspired to write this story after working at Morgan Orchard in Sinks Grove, West Virginia. It is a colorful 20 page paperback fully illustrated with original drawings of friendly apples and fuzzy wooly worms. The story shows the grading process of the apple beginning at the cleansing stage in the orchard, and ending in the childs hands to eat using red delicious as the host.  This book is great for classrooms, orchard tours, festivals, library storytime, and gift shops.  The text simply describes the action in the drawings, providing great reader fun for young children.

TonyaThe author remembers going to the apple orchard at the top of the hill behind her childhood home, and collecting apples from the twelve trees that were there. There are now only three trees. She and her husband built a house above the orchard where they now live with their two children.  Tonya, her youngest, served as the book's editor and helped with the illustrations.

The author enjoys reading her book to local elementary classes, festivals, etc. She hopes to continue writing other stories about orchard events featuring the same characters she created in her first book.