go home  go home “ You shall see my orchard, where, in an arbour, we will eat last year’s pippin of my own graffing... ”
-William Shakespeare
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“ Orchards are even more personal in their charms than gardens, as they are more nearly human creations. Ornaments of the homestead, they subordinate other features of it; and such is their sway over the landscape that house and owner appear accidents without them. So men delight to build in an ancient orchard, when so fortunate to posses one, that they may live in the beauty of its surrounding. Orchards are among the most coveted possesions; trees of ancient standing, and vines, being firm friends and royal neighbors forever. The profits, too, are as wonderful as their longevity. And if antiquity can add any worth to a thing, what possesion has a man more noble than these, so unlike most others which are best at first, and grow worse till worth nothing; while fruit trees and vines increase in worth and goodness for ages.”
-Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888)
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Beautiful photographs from the orchard for viewing and non-commercial use tell the story of apple growing.

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Show your love for apples with an Apple Journal desktop image. New themes are added all the time. Choose from orchard scenes, unusual varieties, apple blossoms and more.

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