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Australian Orchards- Tasmania

Sorell Fruit Farm
174 Pawleena Road
6265 2744, Sorell, Tasmania
Phone: +61 3 9844 3464
Come to Sorell Fruit Farm to pick fruit fresh from the trees or bushes. There is nothing like the taste of naturally, sun ripened fruit. And we like our fruit to be pesticide free whenever possible.
There are many surprises at Sorell Fruit Season. For a start we claim to have the widest variety of temperate fruits available in any ‘Pick Your Own’ in Tasmania. With a very wide range of temperate fruits available there are a least four fruits at any time in the season. There are many varieties of each particular fruit and they are deliberately chosen to make the season of each particular fruit last for a maximum of time. All fruit is easily picked and picking containers are available if needed. For those who do not wish to pick fruit picked fruit is always available.
We are very pleased to offer a range of our own fruit wines under our Thornlea label. We also offer grape wines of the highly regarded Derwent Estate, located between Granton and New Norfolk.
Hours: 8.30 am-5.00 pm * Late October-February, every day, except Christmas & Boxing Days. * March-May; every day except Monday
Directions: Sorell is an easy 25 minutes from Hobart GPO, 15 minutes from Hobart Airport and 15 minutes from Richmond. Sorell Fruit Farm is located 3 kms from the Sorell Town centre and just off the main road to Port Arthur
visit the Sorell Fruit Farm website

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