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-Frank Browning
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Apples by Frank Browning

What The Reviewers are Saying

  • Browning has produced an interesting and readable book on apples, which he rhapsodically calls "the hardiest, most resilient and most diverse fruit on the earth".

  • This is a book, like John McPhee's Oranges, that is often as exquisite as its subject.
    --Eli's Vinegar Factory Market News

  • This is a cutting-edge book that dares the aspiring culinary historian to seek out not only the wealth of knowledge accumulated by the world's horticulturists and geneticists but also to appreciate that the earth and its mysteries can be a writer's most treasured resource.
    --Book Magazine

  • The author tackles the apple in all its guises--mythopoetic, biological, historical, commercial--and comes away with a winner.
    --Kirkus Reviews

  • Anyone who plans to go apple-picking this fall should pick up a copy of "Apples." Browning shows that apples offer endless ways to delight not only the palate but the mind.
    --Chicago Sun Times

The Author

Frank Browning, whose previous books include The Culture of Desire and A Queer Geography, grows apples and ferments cider in Wallingford, Kentucky. He also reports for National Public Radio from New York City.

"Apples represent one of the oldest and closest links between nature and culture. Frank Browning blends colorful stories, extensive travel, useful information, and a history of culture into this savory winesap of a book." --Roger Shattuck, Author of Forbidden Knowledge

"What Cezanne did in paints, Frank Browning does in words, making you see, touch, feel, taste an apple for the very first time, like Eve on the verge of discovery, risking paradise for just one bite." --Betty Fussell, Author of The Story of Corn

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