Growers Show Up at Big Wisconsin Protest Rally

Great photos by Mark E. Andersen the rally in Madison on March 11

Click here to view the whole gallery!

All photos © Mark E. Andersen; used by permission of the photographer.

Check out lots more of Mark’s work on his Flickr page.  Thank you, Mark!

  Why (you may ask) are we publishing these photos in Apple Journal?

  Although all kinds of growers and ranchers, from vegetable farmers to dairymen (and dairywomen!) showed up at the protest rally, we suspect that there were at least some apple growers among the crowd. At AJ our motto is "A Passion for Apples," and the growers showed up in Madison with a lot of passion! And that raises some interesting questions:

  • Why do ag people (in some ways the most independent of independent business people) care about the employment contracts of government workers?
  • Why do folks in rural communities care about the working conditions of people in big cities?
  • Why are Midwestern farmers (generally thought to be political conservatives) carrying signs about “Revolution?”
  • Why do 100,000 people from all walks of life show up in the middle of winter for a protest rally that looks like a general strike —something that has not been seen in this country since the 1930′s?
  • And, most importantly for us at AJ: is any of this turmoil going to affect the price and availabilty of Honeycrisps, Pink Pearls, or Granny Smiths?

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musician, event planner, web designer in training, left-liberal Democrat, aging hippie, active in the "men's movement," big fan of NPR and old movies
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2 Responses to Growers Show Up at Big Wisconsin Protest Rally

  1. Alyce Carson says:

    So this is YOUR hobbyhorse and you ASSUME there MUST be some apple growers in this “general” protest. Yeah.

    • John Timothy says:

      Thank you for posting. Yes, we do think it’s a pretty good bet that there were some apple growers among that crowd!

      We at Apple Journal are interested in the people who produce apples (and other crops)—their values, their opinions, what their lives are like. Our sympathies lie with the small independent farmers who operate in a society and an economy that more and more seems to be stacked against them.

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