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Apple Journal welcomes article and photo submissions of all kinds relating to apples. (And we define "relating to apples" very broadly indeed!)

Our goal is to be an independent source of news, information and opinion about the industry for growers, retailers and consumers. (We define "news, info & opnion" broadly as well!)

(However, we define  
"independent"  quite rigorously and precisely.)

We are in particular need of:
  • regional farm market reporters and correspondents. Ulitmately, all agriculture is local. We can be one means of helping you share important information with your neighbors. And, what is going on in your county may turn out to be important to people three states away.
  • info about apple varieties, especially heirlooms
  • reports on apple-themed events—fairs, festivals, apple-tasting parties
  • recipes, of course!
  • personal memoirs involving apples
  • if you come across an apple-related website or an online article that you like, please forward that link to us
  • and lastly, humor: we could use some apple jokes or cartoons to lighten things up around here!
We're moving toward more of a magazine design, particularly on the home page. The home page will feature articles in a summary format (headline, graphic, first few lines). Each summary will have a link to the whole article and to a blog for discussion of that article.

New sections of the site (similar to the sections of a newspaper) wlll be built for specialized areas of interest, e.g., heirloom varieties; cider and juice; agricultural issues of concern to growers; etc. We're betting there will be enough interest that each of these sections can generate its own articles and blogs.

We are in the process of a complete makeover for Apple Journal. We are currently using WordPress to handle the AJ Blog, and ultimately we we use it as our Content Management System. We chose WordPress because we believe it will make participation in AJ easier for the greatest number of people. And because it's a free program!

We invite you to post comments on our blog, to become a local correspondent, to become a "Contributor" and submit major articles—whatever you like. At this point we cannot pay for contributions, but we hope to be able to do so in the future. Send us an e-mail for more details.

Visit the Photo Gallery

Beautiful photographs from the orchard for viewing and non-commercial use tell the story of apple growing.

Photo Gallery

Featured Website

This week we feature the Cranberry Lady. It is a cleverly done and artistic site with a ton of information about the cranberry.

Featured Website


Free Apple Desktop images

Show your love for apples with an Apple Journal desktop image. New themes are added all the time. Choose from orchard scenes, unusual varieties, apple blossoms and more.

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