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-Thomas Jefferson
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August 28th- New article comparing Iowa to Washington apple distribution
Take our new search engines for a test drive. You can search Apple Journal and you can search Fertile Ground for agricultural titles.

January 3, 2003- We have a handy submit form now for sending your Orchard Trail listing to us. Find your page in the Orchard Trail section and click on the link on the keft.

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“I can tell you all the trees you gave me one day on this garden terrace. I was only a little boy at the time, trotting after you in the orchard, begging for this and that, and as we wound our way through these very trees you told me all their names. You gave me thirteen pear, ten apple, and forty fig trees, and at the same time you pointed out the fifty rows of vines that were to be mine. Each ripened at a different time, so that the bunches on them were at various stages when the branches felt their weight under the summer skies.”
-Odysseus proving his identity to Laertes, from Homer, The Odyssey, Book XXIV ca. 800 BC
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