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Orchards of Japan
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 Orchards of Japan

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Orchards of Japan

Aomori Apples
Aomori Province
Aomori apple webpage
"Aomori is apples, and apples are Aomori! Production of Aomori apples started from just three trees in 1875. Now, 120 years later, we pride ourselves on being the largest apple producing prefecture in Japan and are said to produce the highest quality apples in the world, all thanks to the support of our consumers. ".
Aomori is one of the prime apple-growing regions of Japan. The site has some descriptions of varieties being grown there and some historical notes and photos.

Sakuma Orchard
Fukushima prefecture
Sakuma Farm website (in Japanese)

"Our Sakuma Farm lies in Sukagawa, in the middle of Fukushima prefecture. Sukagawa is warm compared with other apple-growing districts. It can be said that this area is the southern-most limit for apple growing.
Our main variety is Fuji, which comes into blossom in late April and is harvested at the end of November. Since we have a long growing period, we are able to grow very juicy apples that are as sweet as honey.
The dramatic monthly changes in the apple trees and fruit, beautiful apple blossoms, a lot of herbs and many other interesting things are shown at our orchard's website. We also have many links and pictures of the area."

By going to the alta Vista translation service and typing or pasting in the web address- http://homepage2.nifty.com/omigon/, you can get a translation that will give you a rough idea. Be sure to select "Japanese to English". The main links on the home page are images and are in Japanese. From top to bottom, they roughly translate as "Family"; "Seasonal News"; "Herbs"; "Apples"; "Sightseeing"; "Puzzles"; "Links"; "Bulletin Board"; "Site Directory and Index"- editor:

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