go home  go home No mortal has ever enjoyed the perfect flavor of any fruit ...
-Henry David Thoreau
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  • Baker meets Apple
    articles and recipes by Marcy Goldman, gourmet baker and author.

  • Apple Pie Perfect
    Ken Haedrich is a former Navy Seabee turned pie aficionado. His new book, Apple Pie Perfect has over 100 recipes ranging from skins-on-the-apples in a whole wheat crust to frozen apple and peanut butter mousse.

  • Old-Fashioned Recipes
    from the Encyclopedia of Practical Horticulture ca. 1900. A glimpse into the kitchens of 100 years ago.

  • Kitchen Reference Guides
    terminology and definitions, measurements and equivalents, all organized for easy reference.

  • Apple Selection Guides
    Tips on selecting quality apples, variety descriptions and photos.

Apple Pie Perfect
We welcome Ken Haedrich to the Apple Journal virtual kitchen

Greetings apple pie bakers. Apple Journal is pleased to present a series of articles about apple pie written by my friend Ken Haedrich. Perhaps you know Ken from his articles in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and Bon Appetit. Ken loves apple pie, enough to have written an entire book on the subject, Apple Pie Perfect (Harvard Common Press.) It is, as far as I know, the first and only book devoted entirely to this favorite American dessert. (Yours truly contributed a special section to Apple Pie Perfect, on antique apple varieties.) Ken will be adding new stories and recipes to this site each month, so check back here often for his latest. Meanwhile, I suggest you visit his web site - applepieperfect.com - where you can find out more about Ken's books, order copies of Apple Pie Perfect, and read his tips for making the perfect apple pie.

Mike Berst

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