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South Carolina Orchards
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South Carolina Orchards

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South Carolina Orchards

Blue Haven Orchards
12508 Long Creek Hwy
Long Creek (Oconee county)
Phone: (864) 647-5832
Open: August 1 thru Nov. 30; 9:00am to 6:pm; 7 days a week
Directions: From I85 go north on Scenic Hwy 11 to U.S. 76 west. Go west on 76 to Long Creek. Roadside market is located directly on 76. >From Clayton, Ga. travel east on U.S. 76 12 miles To Blue Haven Orchard roadside market.
Description: Blue Haven Orchards is a small family owned farm picking apples on 50 acres. We have been growing apples in Long Creek since the turn of the century (1900)our grandfather first set out a small orchard. We not only run a roadside market, but run a packing house shipping apples mostly to the southeast. We also ship apples for businesses or individuals during season. Also we are one of the few growers left in our area that presses raw cider for sale.
Apples: Ginger Gold, Gala, Golden Supreme, Red & Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Granny Smith, Stayman, Cameo, Fugi, Yates, Arkansas Black

Ragan Orchards
2230 Hyw # 292
(864) 472-5778

Round Mountain Apple Orchard
880 Academy Road
Long Creek
(864) 647-5112

Sunny Slope Orchards
1841 Old Georgia Highway
(864) 489-9511

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