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Black Gilliflower
Harvest late September
Season October
Quality mild and sweet flavor
Use It is especially good for drying and baking.
Black Gilliflower, or Sheepnose, is a distinctive looking apple with its conical, uniform shape and reddish color that sometimes darkens almost to black. It can be good as an fresh-eating apple. It originated in the late 1700's in Connecticut.

Blue Pearmain
Harvest October
Season October to January
Quality firm crisp flesh, highly aromatic, juicy, rich and mildly tart
Use fresh-eating
 Award Winner A large heavy apple, Blue Pearmain has an unusual blue appearance that can be startling. It is a classic early American dessert apple, full-flavoured and rich, and was a favorite of Thoreau. It keeps well, but loses flavor over time.

Harvest very late
Season November to April
Quality Rich, aromatic, crisp, breaking and very juicy flesh, moderately tart, improving in storage
Use fresh-eating, processing (sauce, pies, baking)
 Award Winner Many apple lovers consider Braeburn to be the best tasting apple of all the newer varieties. It has a rich, full blend of sweet and tart, lots of juice and is very crisp. It gets better and better in storage and keeps very, very well.

Harvest September
Season September
Quality flesh is crisp, sub-acid, very good eating
Use fresh-eating, sauce, baking
Burgundy is newer variety that has an intense deep red color, and can be very attractive. A good fresh-eating apple, but not a good keeper.

Calville Blanc
Harvest late October
Season Late October to December
Quality small irregular shape, can be quite tart, mellows in storage and softens
Use classic apple for gourmet culinary and dessert use
 Award Winner This is a very old variety from France, where it is still held in high esteem as the premier gourmet apple. It is reportedly higher in vitamin C content than oranges. It can be tart and has a very strong, distinctive flavor. The fruit is irregular in shape with an attractive light red blush.

Chenango Strawberry
Harvest late August early September
Season August through September
Quality tender juicy flesh, small attractive apple
Use fresh-eating
Chenango Strawberry, also called Strawberry Chenango, is a delicate and attractive fruit that does not ship or store well. Slightly tart and juicy with a unique aroma, it can be a very good fresh-eating apple at its peak.

Cornish Gilliflower
Harvest late October
Season November to January
Quality fine, crisp, greenish flesh, aromatic and strongly flavored
Use dessert apple
 Award Winner Unusual in appearance and flavor, Cornish Gilliflower is definitely worth a try should you encounter it. It has a spicy aroma, plenty of juice and a sweet, rich flavor.

Harvest September
Season September through early October
Quality mild flavor, tender, crisp texture, slightly tart
Use fresh-eating, salads
Cortland is a large red apple with fine, smooth white flesh that is very slow to brown, which makes it a superb choice for salads. It can be a very good fresh-eating apple if it hasn't been off of the tree too long. The flavor is mild and slightly tart.

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