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 Honeycrisp Apples
order Honeycrisp apples
Harvest late September
Season September to November
Quality mild flavor, slightly tart, crisp texture
Use fresh-eating, baking
Haralson is a mild, pleasant apple that does extremely well when baked. It has a faint citrus scent, with tender juicy flesh.

Harvest late September
Season September through November or longer
Quality intense, rich flavor and aroma
Use fresh-eating
 Award Winner Holstein is an offspring of Cox Orange Pippin and has flavor and aroma that may be even more intense. Hard, coarse, dense, juicy flesh in an orange russeted package, Holstein is a variety that bites back, and is not for the timid.

Harvest mid-September
Season September to January
Quality intensely crisp and juicy, sweet and tart balance
Use fresh-eating, salad, cooking
 Award Winner There is only one drawback to Honeycrisp that we are aware of, and that is that it is hard to find. Demand is far exceeding supply right now for this relative newcomer from Minnesota. Honeycrisp is so good as a fresh-eating apple and has such wide appeal that it is the one variety to recommend with absolute confidence. The two strongest features are a crisp, dense, juicy, flesh that seems to explode in the mouth, and a wonderful balance of tart and sweet flavors. While it has a flavor intensity that appeals to antique apple lovers, it is also clean and refreshing which appeals to Americans with less adventurous palates. It seems to do better in a colder climate and we are beginning to see it in fruit stands all over Michigan, Wisconsin and especially in Minnesota. This one made us true believers here last fall. Find it.

Harvest late October
Season October through December
Quality Slightly sweet flavor, crisp texture
Use fresh-eating, sauce, pies
A Minnesota Golden Delicious and Haralson cross, it is similar to Golden Delicious. Some say it is blander than Golden Delicious, but we found it to be very good last year with a more interesting flavor than Golden Delicious. We were testing it the same night we tested Honeycrisp and Swiss Gourmet, which is pretty stiff competition. It did come in behind those two varieties, but not by a lot. We probably caught it at just the right moment of ripeness. We were surprised and will be looking for it this year. Like so many varieties, catching it at just the right time makes all the difference in the world. The moral of the story? Buy local; buy in season.

Hubbardston Nonesuch
Harvest October
Season October to December
Quality hard, crisp, fine-grained, rich flavor
Use fresh-eating, cider, baking
Hubbardston is a classic old New England apple with a lot of character. It was well known and highly sought after in New England as early as the 1830s. Like many varieties from the past it is dense, complex and rich in flavor. It has an exceptionally high sugar content. It may be at its best shortly after harvest. Don't pass this one by should you see it at a fruit stand, especially in October.

Hudsons Golden Gem
Harvest late September
Season October into December
Quality sweet, juicy pear-like flavor
Use fresh-eating
Lop-sided, small, with rough skin and a dull yellow color; why would anyone call this variety a "gem"? Taste it.

Harvest late October
Season late October through March
Quality tangy flavor, firm texture
Use fresh-eating, baking
Tangy and firm, hard and tart, Ida Red is a real workhorse variety. "Old Reliable" lasts forever and keeps its quality in storage. It will never be considered a gourmet variety, but it is reliable in the kitchen and can be a good fresh-eating apple. It absolutely excels as a baking apple. This is the variety to stock up on should you need to feed an army, or survive a winter in a log cabin in the frozen north. Ida will never let you down.

Jersey Mac
Harvest August
Season late August and early September
Quality tart, tender, juicy
Use fresh-eating, sauce, baking
For a brief period after picking Jersey Mac can be an outstanding variety, right up there with the best. It quickly subsides to being just a good apple rather than a great one, so grab them quick. It is a beautiful looking apple, bright red and green, glossy and perfectly round. Don't pass them up, but be aware of the season and with luck you'll find some truly spectacular tasting ones.

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