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Harvest mid-September to October
Season September to November
Quality slightly tart flavor, tender texture
Use fresh-eating, pies
Jonagold is an excellent dessert variety that is much more popular in Europe than America. It is a cross between Jonathon and Golden Delicious and retains some of the best features of both. It has a sprightly, juicy flavor like Jonathon and a sweetness and aroma similar to that of Golden Delicious. Jonagold consistently places high in taste tests in Europe. The subtle and complex taste seems to be at its best for a couple of weeks after picking, when it can be a real treat. This is another variety that proves the value of buying locally and in season.

Harvest early September
Season September
Quality white, firm, crisp, tart and juicy
Use fresh-eating
This is a beautiful red and green, medium sized McIntosh X Jonathon cross that is a great fresh-eating apple for a relatively brief time after harvest. It is usually a little more tart than McIntosh.

Harvest early October
Season October through January
Quality Tart and spicy flavor, juicy and crisp
Use fresh-eating, cider, sauce
 Award Winner Jonathon is a 200 year old variety from New York state. Like McIntosh and Northern Spy, it has achieved enduring and broad popularity. Jonathon lovers swear by it, and with its spicy, tangy, somewhat tart flavor and crisp, juicy flesh, it is no wonder that Jonathon consistently ranks in the top ten among leading varieties grown in the country. It keeps well and it is hard to find a bad one. It won't hold shape real well when baked, otherwise it is a very good variety for the kitchen. Sauce, juice, and cider retain some of the spicy taste of Jonathon when it is blended with other varieties. Jonathon is as American as Mom and, well, apple pie.

Kandil Sinap
Harvest October
Season October through January
Quality crisp, juicy, fine texture
Use fresh-eating
An unusual variety that most likely originated in Turkey, Kandil Sinap is interesting in appearance and excellent in taste. It is receiving a certain amount of attention from specialty growers and you may occasionally encounter it at an orchard that specializes in heirloom and novelty varieties.

Kidd's Orange Red
Harvest late September
Season October through January
Quality juicy, crisp, very firm
Use fresh-eating
Kidd's Orange Red was developed by the same man, J.H. Kidd of New Zealand, who developed Gala. It is a cross between Cox Orange Pippin and Red Delicious. It has a little more character than Gala, and is an excellent dessert apple with a sweet aroma and good balance between tart and sweet flavor. It can have quite a bit of russeting on the skin, but, as the saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover.

King David
Harvest October
Season October to December
Quality spicy flavor, tough skin, coarse flesh
Use baking, fresh-eating
An older obscure variety from Arkansas that is enjoying something of a revival. Excellent for pies and sauce, although if you don't mind the tough skin, it can be an excellent fresh-eating apple with its spicy, wine-like flavor.

Knobbed Russet
Harvest October
Season October to January
Quality crisp, rich and sugary
Use fresh-eating
 Award Winner This is one ugly looking apple with its bumps and irregularities. Some apple lovers say that the worse it looks, the better it tastes. Not a tame variety, this one may put you off at first with its odd appearance and aggressive flavor. Beneath the rough skin is an apple of the highest dessert quality.

Harvest late October
Season Late October through January
Quality small, fine-grained, white flesh
Use fresh-eating, decoration and garnish
Lady is one of the oldest cultivated varieties known, going back at least to the 17th century and possibly even as far back as Roman times. It is a tiny little apple that looks like a minature Fameuse or McIntosh. Very durable and tasty and attractive. Not very strong flavored and not real sweet, still it is a good little fresh-eating apple and a lot of fun. With bright red, smooth skin splashed with intense medium green, it is used for Christmas decoration on wreaths and centerpieces.

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