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Harvest mid August
Season mid August, early September
Quality tart flavor, soft texture
Use sauce, pies
Lodi is a waxy looking, bright green, smooth-skinned apple that is an excellent early variety for kitchen use, especially for sauce.

Harvest September
Season September through December
Quality very spicy, aromatic, slightly tart flavor, crisp texture
Use fresh-eating, salads, sauce, pies, baking
 Award Winner Nothing quite compares with Mac for fresh-eating. The crispy, juicy and tangy, firm, yet tender white flesh is perfumed and spicy in a way that no other variety can match. Mac is a good kitchen apple, although it doesn't hold shape when cooked. True McIntosh fans won't consider any other variety and eat them all winter. They do get softer in storage, but the flavor holds up very well. McIntosh offspring include Cortland, Macoun, Empire, Spartan, Jonamac, possibly Paula Red, Jersey Mac, and many others.

Harvest late September
Season late September to early October
Quality Mild flavor, crisp texture.
Use fresh-eating, salad, baking, sauce
Firm, aromatic, and juicy like its parent, McIntosh, Macoun has a loyal following of fans that scour farm markets in early October to find this unique variety. At its brief peak of flavor after picking, it can be one of the best fresh-eating experiences you will find. This variety won't come to you, you will have to seek it out. If you like McIntosh, you will want to try Macoun. Many say that it has all of the great qualities of Mac, with an extra dimension that makes its flavor superior. It also surpasses McIntosh for baking.

Maiden Blush
Harvest mid August through mid September
Season September through November
Quality highly scented, tender flesh
Use freezing, drying, fresh-eating
Grower Versil White asks " Do you know why you never see Maiden Blush anymore? Because you never see a maiden blush, anymore." This variety has fallen out of popularity, which is a shame. It is a beautiful apple with a wonderful aroma. The skin is a little tough, but the flesh is tender. It is one of the best varieties for freezing and drying, and with its good looks and delicate scent makes a nice addition to a fruit basket.

Harvest mid October
Season November to January
Quality coarse, sweet, somewhat acidic
Use cooking, fresh-eating
Melrose is a Jonathon X Red Delicious cross. With rich flavor and coarse, juicy flesh, Melrose is a good fresh-eating apple, especially when left to age a little while after picking. In storage it develops a warm, fruity aroma. It has a touch of Red Delicious sweetness. Melrose is an excellent choice for kitchen use, retaining its shape and flavor in the oven. This is the official state apple variety of Ohio, where it originated.

Mollie Delicious
Harvest late August
Season late August through October
Quality crisp, sweet, lively, mild
Use fresh-eating, baking
Mollie was developed in the 1960's at Rutgers. It is a Gravenstein cross with Golden Delicious, which suggests a mild apple, and mild it is, though interesting. It is a large to very large fruit with a conical shape. It is highly recommended for cooking, and a very good fresh-eating apple for those who prefer a milder apple.

Harvest late October
Season October to January
Quality crisp, juicy, tart
Use fresh-eating, sauce
 Award Winner Mutsu is a variety developed in Japan that is growing in popularity here. It is an excellent desert apple. Large and greenish-yellow, Mutsu is packed with juice with a perfect balance between sweet and tart. It makes great sauce, especially if the peel is left on for more flavor.

Newtown Pippin
Harvest mid to late October
Season November through January
Quality rich, juicy, tart and refreshing
Use fresh-eating, cooking, cider
 Award Winner One of the best tasting early American varieties, it was at one time considered the best variety in the world, and was one of the most storied and influential. Thomas Jefferson grew it and Benjamin Franklin took samples to the English royal court. It was discovered as a seedling on Long Island in 1759. It has a sweet, rich flavor that improves with age and is a robust variety in the kitchen. Graany Smith has driven it from the market. Newtown can do everything an apple should and do it exceptionally well. Unfortunately, it just doesn't have the high-gloss perfect appearance that American consumers have come to expect in produce. If you are buying an all-purpose apple to eat rather than stare at, Newtown is your variety.

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