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Cox Orange Pippin
Grown by: John Kilcherman
Northport, Michigan 1998

from Apples of New York- S.A. Beach:

"One of the best in quality of the English dessert apples; in season from late September to early winter. The fruit is of medium size or above medium, red and yellow. When highly colored it is attractive, with the red predominant. The tree is a moderate grower and productive. It is well adapted for growing on dwarf stock, either Paradise or Doucin. It is not recommended for commercial planting, but it is a desirable variety for the home orchard.


At A Glance
name: Cox Orange (Pippin)
origin: Slough, Bucks, England
date: ca. 1829
parentage: Ribston Pippin seedling
harvest: mid to late October
season: November-January
"Cox Orange is said to have originated in 1830 from seed of Ribston, at Colnbrook Lawn near Slough, Bucks, England. It is sometimes propagated by American nurserymen but it has never been extensively planted in this country and its cultivation is not increasing.

"Tree medium size or above, moderately vigorous with rather slender branches. Form upright, thickly branched, dense. Twigs long to medium, rather slender, irregularly crooked; internodes medium or below. Bark olive-green somewhat mottled with reddish-brown, slightly pubescent. Lenticels numerous, conspicuous, medium size, oblong, raised. Buds medium size to rather small, roundish, obtuse, appressed, pubescent. Leaves small to medium size and inclined to be narrow.

"Fruit medium or above, pretty uniform in size and shape. Form roundish oblate, sometimes slightly inclined to conic, regular or faintly ribbed, symmetrical, axis sometimes oblique. Stem usually obliquely inclined, short, thick, sometimes long. Cavity obtuse to somewhat acuminate, rather shallow to moderately deep, rather narrow, often somewhat russeted. Calyx rather small, closed or partly open. Basin rather shallow and obtuse to moderately deep and abrupt, rather narrow to moderately wide, smooth or slightly furrowed.
"Skin rather thin, though, smooth, attractive, washed with orange-red deepening to bright red and mottled and splashed with carmine, over a deep yellow background. Dots conspicuous, large, areolar with pale gray or russet center.
"Calyx tube cone-shape or funnel-form. Stamens median to basal.
"Core medium size, somewhat abaxile; cells usually symmetrical, open or closed; core lines clasping the funnel cylinder. Carpels thin, obovate to obcordate, emarginate, usually smooth. Seeds reddish-brown, above medium size, wide, obtuse to acute, often abortive.
"Flesh yellow, firm, nearly fine, crisp, tender, very juicy, rich, sprightly subacid or becoming mild subacid, decidedly aromatic, very good to best.
"Season late September to January."

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